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Daily istanbul tours in Turkey
Istanbul is a city with so much fun that it is as  daily istanbul tours active as mornings. Istanbul is next to ... ...

Daily istanbul tours in Turkey

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Posted on: 05/29/18
Istanbul is a city with so much fun that it is as  daily istanbul tours active as mornings. Istanbul is next to every Turkish kitchen, especially in the 5 star hotels,
is located in 4-5 star hotels in the most beautiful Taksim area of ​​the city. Even a very popular one is istanbul Turkish night. Authentic in the presence of Turkish dishes
and cultural dance and folkloric performances. At the end of the day, it is a magnificent operon presented live in the most popular songs of the countries where the attendees are.
If we are guided by this fun way, there is Medet BEy, our tour guide in Beyazit and Sultanahmet Square, which is accepted as oldcity center without wasting time. istanbul the most beautiful
On the spot there is a hippodrome. This, by definition, has become a center of entertainment in the Roman empire. People are considered entertainment for the gladiator wars of that period.
At the end, there are Serpentine and Obelisk. In the last part of the hippodrome, there is a German fountain. During the first world war,
The block that Ottoman and Austro- lia formed constituted with the first world war. In this period, it was made in germany so that it would be a gift to the ottoman empire. PArca track by train
It is located at the end of the hippodrome of istanbul. HAgia Sophia, who was built in the time of the Roman Empire in Istanbul and who has been presented to Istanbul. Although Istanbul is important today
Hagia Sophia, the museum, has become a museum. Church in Rome time, mosque in Ottoman time. The state has become the new museum turkey. istanbul side by side many ottoman
There are empire structures. In fact, even in Istanbul many areas are protected areas and here all kinds of restoration, restoration, municipality
It is made. The year 1453 was a new beginning for Istanbul.

Ephesus participated in all cultural tours
 and excursions for about 3 days. Then we were staying somewhere close to Bodrum. The basement is a white town. What makes this place special
there are many discos famous for their night life until the morning. In fact, it is where the fun parties are held. Turkey's largest disco here. Basement
There are many fish restaurants on this street which is parallel to the beach. here is very fresh grilled fish and cucumbers, especially greek cuisine
the most beautiful graves are served. There were live music dinners throughout the night. Bodr sea and sand are very popular in the world. At the moment some of the rich have chosen for the holidays
a port city. As you can see from here, Bodrum Harbor has anchored in boats that can not take your mind with very small ordinary boats. Even the world's richest
yachts have anchored here. Historical basilica is next to the archaeological museum in Bodrum. We have a large number of sightseeing boats shielding the basement harbor at 09:00 hours. These are about
a trip around Bodrum Milas is organized for 10 usd days. It is a stopover in the very special seaside village. I believe that a clean basement sea
I could not even imagine.

Many books have been written about istanbul and the city of istanbul has been affected not only by the living people but also by foreigners and recently the greatest writer is Dan Brown
The book about Hagia Sophia istanbul has become a best seller. Of course, it is necessary to explain that istanbul is a very special breed of races in their various religions and
. I liked Istanbul very much about Istanbul and I looked at you from the top. Aziz istanbul. The meaning of Saint is magnificent and so holy istanbul.
Already the world's largest orthodox church is Istanbul Hagia Sophia and the world's largest mosque is the mosque built by MAgnificent Sultan Suleyman. Of course the architect and the architect
is about 1 meter bigger than the architect Sinan HAgia Sophia. The larger the dome is, the more spacious and spacious it is. The structure is solid and
reaching to the sky over the entrance. There was such a physics rule in it that the warming air widened, saying that Suleymaniye mosque burned candle at every point
up in the ink chamber. Suleymaniye mosque and especially the mosque which has the name of all ottoman sultan in istanbul has been enlightened for the last 50 years.
The bitumen which is handed from the factory is used for making ink. If Istanbul is first discovered, Suleymaniye is known as Golden Horn, which extends up to the mosque shore.
Golden Horn People from Greece have set up living space here. There are many palaces belonging to the Eastern Rome and Ottoman Empire. but
the one that impresses me the most is the Dolmabahce Palace built on the area where Boshorus is filled. Starting from the coast of Kabatas and extending to Ortkaoy Mosque
The Boshorus pearl Dollace.

There are many factories in istanbul where very intensive trade has been done and out of the city of istanbul. Even so, some of the occupational group factories are among the largest in Europe
There. Many businessmen from Istanbul are staying in Taksim area. But in one day istanbul oldcity does not complete this trip without a doubt. Because istanbul
In 2010 it became the European cultural capital. There are many travel programs about istanbul. istanbul is a very oriental city between the west and the east.
istanbul is a very nice dinner in the bosphorus bosphorus boat yacht yacht trip is done. Hagia Sophia, one of the great architects of istanbul,

Blue mosque is admired. There is a Hippodrome in Sultanham

which is in fact an arena of the Roman empire. Hippodrome and then the Ottoman Empire
integrated with timely structures. What is very interesting is that even until the last years, İbrahim pasha has been serving as a building of Tapu Kadsro even by the mansion.
İbrahim Paşa mansion and Marmara University Rectorate building and the Hippodrome are located inside. İbrahim paşa Konağı is the first carpet museum and later the name islam islam
He served as a museum. Even Gülhane PArk, who is also in the garden of the Palace, tells about the scientists who lived in the past,
It is under protection as a museum. There is Söğütlü fountain street between Gülhane Park and Topkapi palace. This is after restoration restoration which was made about 20 years ago
There are a number of hotels run by istanbul municipality. From the gardens of the houses, tulip blooms appear. In the Ottoman period, civil servants working in the palace and
trainers and many officers were used as houses here.


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